Indian Ocean Region · International Relations · Maritime Policy · Sri Lanka

Maritime Safety and Security Challenges: A Sri Lankan Perspective


Island countries of the Indian Ocean Region face many maritime security challenges, such as piracy, trafficking of illicit drugs and people, environmental concerns, border security etc. Straddled centrally in the region, Sri Lanka has issues unique to itself like its close proximity to the Sea Lanes of Communication, the nuclear power status of its South Asian neighbours, environmental concerns, illegal fishing in its EEZ, inundation of the coastal region etc. This chapter encapsulates the challenges faced by Sri Lanka in the past and present. It also highlights some of the maritime security and safety challenges it can face in the future. The paper highlights some of the measures which the government has also already taken and provides insight into actions it can take in the future independently and along with other countries in the region to mitigate these issues.

Name of Publication: Maritime Safety and Security in the Indian Ocean

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