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Economic Relations: A Sri Lankan Perspective

Both Pakistan and Sri Lanka have very vibrant political and military
relations. Sri Lanka also has excellent cultural and social relations
with the former, which are longstanding and have withstood the
test of time. The same cannot be said about the economic relations
between the two countries. It is important for two sovereign states to
improve their economic relations as it is one of the key pillars – along
with defence and culture – on which bilateral relations between states
are conducted. Therefore, it is pertinent to understand the reasons
for the lacklustre performance in trade and industry relations between
these two South Asian states. ”


This chapter was contributed to the publication titled “Pakistan-Sri Lanka Relations: A Story of Friendship”, which was jointly published by National Defence University, Pakistan and General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Sri Lanka.

The publication can be purchase from both the institutions in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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