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Dynamics in Cyber Security: Challenges to Sri Lanka’s National Security

Technological developments in today’s world which take place annually, make technology accessible to individuals and communities that were previously not able to access it. The advent of mobile technology, its accessibility and affordability has
enabled its penetration to all walks of society. This has therefore even empowered non-state actors and terrorist groups, which increases the threat individuals and states face.

The objectives of this study are to examine whether Sri Lanka is prepared to face threats that could penetrate the country via the cyber domain and to illustrate what mechanisms the country needs to take to overcome these threats to national security.  The methodology undertaken for this research is qualitative in nature, with primary data constituting of government policy documents, agreements and legal documents. A series of in-depth interviews too were conducted with professionals in the cyber security and legal spheres. Secondary data such as news clippings from newspaper articles, reputed web articles, journal articles and statistics from both the Department of Census and Statistics, Sri Lanka and the International Telecommunication Union too were utilised for this research. The study thus provides an assessment of the country’s cyber
security preparedness.
In conclusion, Sri Lanka needs to improve its legislature to implement the international treaties its signatory to, as well as, empower its Armed Forces so that they are capable of assessing threats in the cyber domain and countering them. Furthermore, the country which is in the process of drafting a cybersecurity policy for the country, needs to identify mechanisms for implementation or a body that will monitor it.

Keywords: Cyber security, National Security, Sri Lanka

This research paper was presented at the 10th International Research Conference organised General Sir John Kotelawala Defence univerisity. The abstract can be accessed here.

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